The Georgian Group

Visit to the House and the Georgian Architectural Awards 2014.

A gathering of the members of the Georgian Group, led by organiser Tina Graham, was held at Halswell, where on a crisp October day the intrepid crowd examined the house from cellars to rooftops. Mark Lidster provided a tour of the buildings with interpretations of the architectural findings of his company’s conservation work on the site.

G1g2Tina Graham of the Georgian Group at their 2014 Architectural Awards held at Christie’s London, with Roy Bolton and Edward Strachan.

One thought on “The Georgian Group

  1. Hello Edward & Aliona,
    Anne Stringer, who is a friend and lives in Goathurst, passed on the link to your website. My mother lived in the Old Farmhouse for 39 years (until 2005). Her name was Molly Hawkins and she was very interested in Halswell’s history, so would have been fascinated to learn of your plans. She died in 2013 at the age of 93. With regard to the ‘riding school’, I understood from my mother that it was used primarily for the horses to cool down after a day’s hunting, being walked around inside the building. I do recall that whilst I was living there back in the ’60s, I removed an internal door from the building (which was otherwise redundant) for use on a ‘garage’ that I had made out of the old generating house adjacent the the old ‘farm’ building. It probably has been removed during renovation over the last decade, but if it is still extant, it may provide a template for a replacement. I wish you both well with your project. Regards Mac Hawkins


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