The Day-To-Day Restorations

A visit to mason Tom Waugh’s workshop with Ann Manders, for an update on the work being done of the finials.

Braving the harsh conditions once again, we join Marc Steinmetzer outside the Elizabethan wing as he talks us through the discoveries of the recent digs.

On a routine visit Edward Strachan meets new archaeologist Marc Steinmetzer. Together with Roy, Claire and Mark they then look at blueprints and discuss the upcoming work to be done on the house.

Mark Lidster inducts new architect Marc Steinmetzer to the site, as they touch on the investigations to come – namely around the Rotunda, the Pyramid, the Orangery and the building itself.

New archaeological findings are presented during a visit to the Bath Stone Bridge. Pieces broken off the former structure are arranged to give us an idea of what the original monument used to look like in its prime.

The excitement of seeing the now-restored Bath Stone Bridge helps us overcome the harsh weather conditions. Thanks to the terrific work of Mike Orchard and his crew, the fabled structure now stands proudly among the stunning scenery.

Be a fly on the wall for a few minutes of on-site building discussion, in this case the replacement of rotten Georgian timber lintels at the back of the Baroque Wing.

With Edward Strachan, Mark Lidster, Claire Fear and Chris Stones.

Prior to showing her around the house, we greet new conservation officer Charlotte Westwood at Halswell House and involve her in a discussion regarding new downpipes.

We follow Edward, Roy, Mark, Claire, Charlotte, Ann and Chris on an inspection of the Baroque Mansion House interior, then visit the new balcony and hold a discussion regarding the exterior renders.

After the walkthrough and inspection of the interior, everyone gathers outside the Elizabethan Manor House to view and discuss the work still to be done. They also have a look at the courtyard between the Baroque and Elizabethan sections.